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Bettina Toth

Combo Flow - Fitness
Swimming and Skiing Trainer
AquaFiT and Squash Instructor
(Group and Individual Lessons)
FROM 01.07.2021

Pissouri Bay, Hylatio Tourist Village

9:00 - 9:45

97643719 (Instructor Bettina Toth)
It is a low-impact activity that takes the pressure off your bones, joints, and muscles. Water also offers natural resistance, which can help strengthen your muscles.

WHAT is AquaFiT? It is defined as activities performed in the water that promote and enhance physical and mental fitness. AquaFiT is typically performed in a vertical position in shallow and/or deep water. There are numerous applications to appeal to a wide variety of participants. The water's unique properties allow the pool to provide an environment for people of all abilities. Buoyancy creates a reduced impact exercise alternative that is easy on the joints, while the water's resistance challenges the muscles. Water lends itself to a well-balanced workout that improves all major components of physical fitness - aerobic training, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition. Shallow water programming is performed in the waist to chest depth. The feet remain in contact with the pool bottom during most of the workout providing a low-impact training option.
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