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I am working as a personal and group fitness trainer, swimming, AquaFiT, squash, and skiing instructor both for adults and children.

As a rehabilitation trainer,
I also have great results working with the elderly population, improving their balance, coordination, and joint mobility.

I provide group and individually tailored training plans. With me, your good health will be under control!

Contact me with any questions:
Phone: +357 97 643719
Hi, I am Bettina Toth!
The CEO of Bettina Sport Cyprus Academy
[Swimming, Fitness, Squash and Skiing]

Creator of COMBO FLOW and AquaFiT Training Programs
My skills
Senior Coach in the Limassol Nautical Club, Cyprus
30 years experience in the sport and fitness industry
Highest Degree in Sport (JGYTF University of sport, Hungary 1995)
Yoga Shred™ Teacher Training Certificate with Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga founder Sadie Nardini
Swim Lessons University - USA, WABC system, Teaching swimming
Skiing ISE courses
Constantly improving in personal training, fitness, and yoga
"Bettina Sport" Cyprus Academy
Everyday I work hard to make life of my clients better and healthier

Bettina Toth

Combo Flow - Fitness
Swimming and Skiing Trainer
AquaFiT and Squash Instructor
(Group and Individual Lessons)
Combo Flow
Mix of Yoga, Pilates, and better-aligned fitness movements
My Flagship Training Programs
My goal is to make clients happy and help them get what they want
Pool Excersices
The Secret of Combo Flow
COMBO FLOW primary secret of core exercise and mobility training to prevent injuries that can occur if you don't properly support the spine.

During my own sporting career, I have had various injuries and spinal / lower back problems which were at times extremely debilitating and prevented me from competing. I found that conventional approaches did not fully restore my mobility and this led me to develop my own exercise system COMBO FLOW.
To whom
Beginners through to advanced practitioners. It is non-competitive and suitable for anyone, regardless of age or fitness level. The exercise should never cause pain. If it hurts, ease back on the stretch or don't do it at all. It is important to keep within your physical limits.
Online Training Benefits
The reason COMBO FLOW online training is growing so quickly is that so many of us love the convenience. It's undoubtedly successful and works for both the trainer and the client.
Professional Coaching "Bettina Sport" Cyprus Academy
Highest Degree in Sport (JGYTF University of sport, Hungary 1995) with 30 years experience in the sport and fitness industry.
Kind words from my clients
"I have trained with Bettina for 1,5 years and kept being close friends afterward. I trained 4 days a week 30-minutes in gymnastics and 1,5 hr of swimming. My health during this time was at its best ."
Svetlana Frolova
I have known Betti for over 30 years. I'm leaving 20 years in the USA. When I met her I struggled with my weight and she took me under her wings, invited me to the workout sessions that she led for women of all ages. I am lucky enough to say that I still workout with her because after every class I feel energized. Her sessions are safe and we move all the major body parts. Her motivation and dedication to physical exercise is an example, that's why I am very lucky to have her in my life after all these years. I exercise with her almost every day and my body always thanks me because Betti's workout is safe and effective at the same time. I highly recommend Betti to anyone!
Timea Juhasz
You are such an inspiration! When my cake has as many candles ad yours now, I'd like to be so strong-willed and active as you are!
Vaiva Savva
Contact me in any convenient way:

Phone: +357 97 64 37 19
Social networks: Facebook | Instagram | Youtube